70 years old

In 2012 my lower vertebrae’s (L5 and L4) were beginning to collapse.  I had a 5-hour surgery to install four titanium rods to fuse the vertebrae’s and things were fine until 2014.  L-3 and L-2 were starting to collapse and the pain was unbearable. Thus, one more surgery and four more titanium rods.  I was feeling great until the end of 2017 when the pain began to return. X-rays were done and my surgeon and myself did not want to do another surgery if at all possible although it was looking like I might have too.  I told him to give me six months to work my core and I also wanted to try yoga as I’ve had a few friends express success. Well, I met Elena in early April 2018 at a conference (not related to yoga) and she told me she was a yoga teacher and one of her specialties was back problems.

I have worked now with Elena since April on a weekly basis and my pain has gone from an 8-9 down to 1 in terms of intensity.  Doing Yoga has made all the difference in the world. When I told my surgeon about the results with yoga, he was not only astounded but said it made his day.  Without pain I walk up at Rancho San Antonio Park three days a week (anywhere from 3-7 miles per walk) and work out almost daily doing yoga. I obviously highly recommend Elena not only as an excellent yoga teacher but as a sweet and engaging young woman to work with.


65 years old

I am 65 years old.  I have done intense cardio and trained with weights for 45 years.  I never made stretching a regular part of my fitness program and it caught up with me.  I have had low back pain and nerve pain for the last few years.

I met Elena through a friend who does private sessions with her.  We worked together for a few months and developed a stretching routine which I now do on my own.  IT IS CHANGING MY LIFE. Elena is professional and knowledgeable.  Her energy is strong and positive.  She is patient and focused and she creates a relaxed and calm space. Every time I worked with her I felt better physically.  She showed me a routine that is relieving my pain, making me more flexible and is teaching me the value of deep breathing.